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WorthyLamb Ministries International need your daily prayer support
tax-deductible donation for our yearly 2 to 3-month evangelistic missions
to Ghana, West Africa.
My Friend, acknowledge God in all your life decisions and
choices. Don't let the world's clock move your heart from your
stable place in Jesus. Avoid pride or bigness in judging your
Joshua said he and his house, they will worship the Lord. Have
you made that statement for you and your house? Don't let the
world's ungodliness suck you and your family in.
Become a Partner with WorthyLamb Ministries' Evangelistic
Missions to the Nations
We send the Gospel of Jesus Christ to villages, towns, cities and
churches. This ministry also sends the healing and deliverance
message of Jesus Christ. Freedom allow people to understand
and obey the Gospel. We trust that you would become a partner l
chose to partnership with us. Provide an address with your
donation and we would send a receipt for your giving and one of
the books of your choice. If you donate online, please follow it up
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Message of Appreciation for 2016 Mission Donors
We of Ministries International, want to express
our sincere appreciation, and thanks to all who helped us meet our
financial obligations for the 2016 mission to Ghana. I pray that God will
translate the success of 2016 mission into His abundance of blessings for
your life, and for your ministry. Thank you very much! God bless you
spiritually, physically, materially and financially. May God enlarge His
anointing on your life and your ministry.

We ask that you continue to support us financially and pray for us that
the Lord will give us more grace and enlarge our effectiveness in this
evangelistic missions in West Africa.
Special thanks to the churches and individuals who have come into
partnership with Ministries International in these
missions to Ghana and for the Jesus Resource Center project.

       2017 Evangelistic Mission
Because of financial difficulties, some of our shipment for the mission
2016 did not happen. We would therefore appreciate if partners and well
wishers would start their giving early for the 2017 mission. That way, we
would be able to ship the things we need for the mission and some books
for the library. This is very critical. We also look for interested medical
individuals or teams who want to offer their services to the poor of
Ghana's villages, towns, and in cities. Please, contact us and we would
show you the financial cost for your trip.

Help Needed for the "Jesus Resource Center"
Help us complete the "Jesus Resource Center" by the end of 2017. This
project is remodeling a house we acquired in 2010, to run a Christian
library. It will also have a prayer center and a place to help children learn
to read and grow their knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ. All these will
be located in the same compound.
It is located in the Ashanti region. If you
donate $2,500 or more towards
the building of a hostel for retreat participants, a prayer booth will be
named after your name. Currently, there are 5 remaining. For churches, a
prayer booth will be named after your church.  You can also donate
books. If your donation of books fills a bookshelf, your name or the
name of your church will be placed on bookshelf. You can also donate a
projectors, Christian movies or a generator to help us offset the frequent
power cuts.

This ministry is purely an evangelistic ministry. We have no church or
congregation. You are God's hands to help us succeed in these
evangelistic missions.

The facility for the Jesus Resource Center has four components:
  • A Christian library.
  • A place to help children. A facilitation room to help children with
    reading &  to teach them purpose driven lifestyles, which is which in
    many ways is lacking in some of their schools.
  • Prayer booths where people would come and encounter God. Each
    booth will have seven seating to accommodate up to seven
    individuals. Pastors can come with their congregation for a retreat.
  • A conference room to show Christian movies and where Christian
    groups can meet for the Lord's business.
Consequently, we need the following items to help bring the center to full
functioning status:
  • Twelve desktop/laptop computers, three for each of the three library
    rooms. One for data processing and monitoring and tracking. One for
    the conference room.
  • Christian movies, videos, Bibles, books and periodicals, Christian
    games and Bible software.
  • An overhead projectors and screens for group movies shows and one
    for the conference room. This will serve as an indoor crusade by
    showing Christian movies and films.
  • Wood or finance to buy wood to build the seven prayer booths for the
    prayer garden. Each booth will accommodate seven people
  • A large plastic tank and water pump for the new well, to provide
    drinking water for the center.
  • A 25 to 125 KW/240Volts, 50Hz generator, to provide to the Center, to
    help offset the frequent power cuts in Ghana.

It will help us reach villages, towns, cities and churches with the gospel of
Jesus Christ and the on-going project:

Contact us by Email:
Provide your address with your donation, and we will mail your choice of
one of the following dynamic books shown below: "Awaken to your New
Creation", ISBN: 1-600340-83-0 or "Living Above", ISBN: 978-1-58169-
3386, or "Re-Created for Greatness", ISBN: 978-1449724214, or
"Treasure in Earthen Vessels", ISBN: 978-1-4908-4299-8.

Stay continually blessed and always within God's boundary of
righteousness in all your life issues. Learn to obey God's Word and live by
faith. Learn to walk in the fear of the Lord and in full as He provides you
the grace to do so. Always stay where the Lord's blessings can continually
reach you. Watch the
Evangelistic Mission Videos on Youtube

                              Ministry Address:
                          WorthyLamb Ministries International,
                                         11717 Rydalwater Lane,
                                             Austin, TX. 78754

Address:   WorthyLamb Ministries International
11717 Rydalwater Lane

Austin, TX. 78754

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LET the BUG Stop with YOU
The bug of rising divorce rate can stop with you and I in our
marriages. We don't have to become a statistic. We must
acknowledge God in all of our life decisions and choices. We
don't allow the world's clock to control how we live.
HOW? We must see ourselves as the custodians of our wifes, our
husbands, our money, our property and our lives? Yes, we are
custodians of all the things God has given us. He will call us to
account for how we managed these things? Yes He will, one day!  
We don't have to become a statistic in the craze of divorce of our
Do we know of any man or women of God in the Bible who
dumped their wives or husbands? Why are we doing so today?
Have we not been recreated to be more than Old Testament
men/women? So you can see how far we have deviated from
godliness and obedience to God's Word in our day.
Who is the enemy that is causing us to deviate? It is the flesh. We
fail to put the flesh to DEATH. A dead flesh will not talk offensively
as we do in some of our marriages today? A dead flesh will not
feel bad and offended as we do in our day? Will a dead flesh
emotionally flair up, become prideful, hateful, seek for other
source of pleasure outside marriage and the like? No!
So the obvious question we have to confront is this: are we going
to heed Colossians 3:5-6, or not? The decision is on our
shoulders! The passage says, "
Put to death therefore what is
earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire,
and covetousness, which are idolatry.  On account of these the
wrath of God is coming
The DIVORCE BUG can stop with you and I, because we have the
light of Christ and the power of His Word and His Holy Spirit. Let
us be zealous in honoring God for His redemption through Jesus
Lord, we appreciate all you have done for us. Help us to
always honor you in our relationships
. Amen!
Reaching Souls with the Gospel, the  Healing and
Deliverance of Jesus Christ
Matthew 10:8, "Heal the sick, cleanse the leapers, raise the dead,
cast out demons. You have received freely, freely give."
A Brief History of Ghana, West Africa
Beginning of Ghana's Freedom
Become a partner with WorthyLamb Ministries International in these evangelistic
missions to villages, towns, cities and churches in West Africa. Presently, we are
evangelizing Ghana. Special thanks to all kingdom minded brothers, sisters and
churches who helped us meet our budget for 2016.  Please, to donate by mail,
see address below or in this website. Help us start our preparation for 2017 mission
You can also donate through this website. Click on "Mission Fund Raiser.."
2017 Mission is coming up very soon. Please, donate to help us  prepare
and ship Mission materials.
2017 Mission Fund Raiser.
DONATE to Support, and
indicate by email,
a book you want mailed to you.
2017 Mission Fund Raiser.
DONATE to Support and get a book of your choice mailed to you.